Federal Civilian Claims

Federal Civilian Claims (UCFE)

The Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees program provides benefits for eligible unemployed former civilian Federal employees. The program is administered by States as agents of the Federal government. This program is operated under the same terms and conditions that apply to regular State Unemployment Insurance.

If you had federal employment within the last 18 months, the wages you earned during that period may be used to establish a claim for unemployment benefits. You may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits online or by calling 601-493-9427. You will be asked to provide a form SF-8, or other documents to verify your federal employment.

To file for unemployment insurance benefits, you should have the following information available before beginning:
A state issued driver’s license or identification card
Your social security number
The name and address of each employer you worked with during the past 18 months, the begin and end dates worked with each and the reason for separation from each employer
Check stubs showing year-to-date earnings from each employer you worked with in the past 18 months
If you were separated from military employment in the past 18 months, a DD-214 Member 4 form
If you were separated from federal employment in the past 18 months, an SF50 Notice of Personnel Action form or SF8 form
An alien registration number or Visa number if you are not a U.S. Citizen

You will need to register for employment services at the WIN Job Center if you have not done so already. Our staff can assist you with job search process, training and other career needs.

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