Benefit Payment Options

You have options to receive your payments by debit card or direct deposit into your checking account.


Debit Card

Fees related to benefit payments by debit card are shown on the printable PDF files below.

Mississippi Prepaid Card issued by EPPICard

List of all fees for Mississippi Prepaid Card

To Visit the EPPICard website for more information, click here.


Direct Deposit

A User ID and password are required to select direct deposit.

To recieve your benefit payment by direct deposit to your checking account, follow the instructions below.

Once you are logged in:

» select the Benefits Maintenance tab,
» then select the Update Claimant Profile tab,
» and then select Payment Option.

You will be prompted to enter your checking account information.

You must email items listed below to

1. Front and back of a voided check,
2. Driver License or State Issued Identification Card, and
3. Social Security Card

Once the voided check has been verified, your direct deposit request will be processed.