Occupational Projections

Occupational Employment Projections

Occupational Employment Projections show the expected future number of workers to be employed in the different occupations in the labor market during a ten-year time period. The projections data will show which occupations are expected to employ more or expected to employ less workers in the future. The data is updated every two years.

2016-2026 Occupational Employment Projections

**BLS has implemented a new occupational separations method for projecting occupational openings beginning with the 2016-2026 projections. This method uses matched CPS and CPS supplement data to measure historical separations caused by workers either leaving the labor force or transferring to a different occupation and then projects this using probit models. This method improves on previous methods by capturing all separations that create opportunities for new entrants into an occupation, an important metric for career planning and workforce development. More information on the BLS website



Community College Districts

* Areas have been combined for the production of Occupational Employment Projections
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East Mississippi and Meridian*
Mississippi Delta and Coahoma*
Mississippi Gulf Coast
Northeast Mississippi
Northwest Mississippi
Pearl River
Southwest Mississippi

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Workforce Development Areas

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The Mississippi Partnership
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