LMI Acronyms

LMI Acronyms 

BEA-Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS-Bureau of Labor Statistics

CCD-Community College District

CES-Current Employment Statistics

CIP-Classification of instructional programs

CPI-Consumer Price Index

DOL-Department of Labor

LAUS-Local Area Unemployment Statistics

LMI-Labor Market Information

MLS-Mass Layoff Statistics

MSA-Metropolitan Statistical Area

NAICS-North American Industrial Classification System

OES-Occupational Employment Statistics

PDD-Planning and Development Districts

QCEW-Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

SIC-Standard Industrial Classification

SOC-Standard Occupational Classification

UC-Unemployment Compensation

UCFE UC-for Federal Employees

UCX UC-for Ex-Military

UI-Unemployment Insurance

WDA-Workforce Development Area

WIOA-Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act